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The Hairadox Story

The Hairadox Story
To know our hair is to know and understand the scientific breakdown of each strand. Which, to an untrained eye, is nearly impossible. Almost a paradox. Sometimes we find ourselves frustrated by the very sight of our hair - too dry, too tangled, won't grow! That frustration leads us to alter our strands, covering them up in avoidance. For those who begin to understand, they embrace the beauty of the unknown. Turning it into the well-known. 
This is Hairadox. Through information and superior products, we break down the barriers of misinformation and lack-thereof. We pride ourselves in quality education and products that not only benefit our hair, but alter the way we will forever perceive the beauty of our hair. 
Our Hairadox Edge food was crafted with this in mind. It is the perfect repair solution for weak, broken or thinning edges. This Trichologist-formulated salve provides essential nourishment to strengthen hair from the root and stimulate hair growth by increasing necessary blood circulation to the hairline. For best results, we recommend its use daily as a part of an effective hair care routine.

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