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About Us

OUR STORY was founded in August 2019 to provide a large choice of natural, organic and vegan products for Afro-textured hair and skin. We partner with brands that are dedicated to promoting sustainable choices for hair and skin care, and who craft their products with a commitment to quality and wellness.

Our values are grounded in our dedication to sustainability, community, creativity and innovation – all of which are driving today’s vibrant, high-growth natural, organic and vegan Afro-ethnic beauty industry. We support and promote the talented entrepreneurs, innovators and creators who are pioneering the growth of this industry, in particular, the many women who work effortlessly to produce quality products specifically suited for our hair and skin. doesn’t stop at promoting hair and skin care brands. We aim to be the go-to platform on the web for information and knowledge about natural, organic and vegan beauty lifestyles. Through blogs, articles, tips and tricks and other knowledge resources, we provide a valuable information base to inform and inspire both businesses and customers alike about sustainable choices in self-care that translate into economic empowerment.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to sustainability as a core business value to promote economic opportunities and to empower communities.


Our Philosophy: Beauty Engineered by Nature

We are committed to sustainability in product innovation. Our brands only include products that are natural, organic and vegan, and are free of chemicals that are harmful to human health and to the environment. The products we market comply with US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

The entrepreneurs, innovators and creators that we represent work in harmony with nature, crafting their products with natural ingredients. Our uncompromising commitment to all that is natural means that you will find only the most wholesome products created with natural plants, herbs and extracts that promote wellness in mind and body, and that do not negatively impact our environment.


Our goal: Connecting rural and urban farmers, commercial intermediaries and artisans

We endeavor to strengthen value chains that link black-owned businesses from the farm gate all the way to the consumer. We encourage sourcing between black-owned businesses. This can be achieved by connecting rural and urban farmers who produce fruits, vegetables and herbs, with the artisans who craft their special shampoos, conditioners, lotions and moisturizers, butters, creams, whips, oils and other products using these natural ingredients.

Qemira’s goal is therefore to raise awareness about the many opportunities in this growing industry and to promote and support business collaboration among African-Americans. This will create thriving supply chains that can realize the unlimited growth potential that exists in the natural, organic and vegan hair and skin care industry that caters to Afro-hair and skin.


Our Mission

We support entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability and economic empowerment by being the go-to site on the web that provides access to high quality, artisanally-crafted natural, organic and vegan products as well as business-related information and knowledge resources.