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Natasha Gaspard

Natasha Gaspard is an Emmy Award winning television producer and Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer of Mane Moves Media, Inc. the premiere online Natural Hair & Lifestyle TV network for Black women!  Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY by a single-Haitian mother, Natasha is the youngest of 3 children and has always been interested in the entertainment industry, particularly television and film. She has always believed in the power of storytelling in creating narratives that shape perceptions, and she vowed to use this power to uplift Black people worldwide.  Realizing how Black women have historically been underrepresented in mainstream media and are rarely celebrated for their natural beauty, Natasha decided to create a platform where our own amazing stories can be told.  Natasha is passionate about utilizing conversations about natural hair as a gateway into self-love and self-discovery.  She was recently certified in Psychohairapy and is eager to further serve her audience by amplifying mental health and wellness. Visit Mane Moves Media, Inc, and enjoy her interview (in English and Haitian Kreyol) on Youtube.
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