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Do you want to be the next Qemira Naturals Photo Competition winner?



Are you a student?

Are you serving in the military?

Do you work in the health industry?

Are you in education?

Maybe you are you a homemaker?

What is your passion? How do you inspire others? Tell us how you contribute to uplifting your community so that others can follow your example. We want to know all about you.

As a winner, your photo will appear on our homepage and will remain there for three months! That’s plenty of time for your friends, family, colleagues and others to get to know about your Naturals lifestyle and what you do to inspire others. You will also have your own linked page where your photo and profile information will appear. 

So many of us make contributions to uplift others in our communities but never receive recognition for these efforts. Others advocate the beauty and power of Natural Hair and Natural Hair and Skin Care and how it drives creativity, innovation and new business opportunities for African-Americans and other Brown People. We want to showcase these amazing achievements. 

Share your story and be our next winner! Click on Upload Image to get started.