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Herbal Cleansing Shampoo for Low Porosity Hair Types 8 oz

Short Description

Washing low porosity hair has its challenges. Infused with all-natural herbal extracts and pure oils proven to power through tightly sealed cuticles. This non-stripping cleansing shampoo is the recommended solution for low porous hair. Wet hair, dispense, lather, and rinse. Follow up with our Low Porosity Deep Moisture Conditioner for best results. This Herbal Cleansing Shampoo is Ideal for low porosity, protein-sensitive curls, and coils that resist essential moisture. Infused with chamomile and rosemary for softness and manageability, Nettle and Clary Sage promote strength and growth, Ginseng and hibiscus to promote a healthy scalp, and enriched with certified organic Rosemary and horsetail to deliver balanced, nourishing hydration where hair needs it most. Low Porosity Herbal shampoo promotes healthy hair and growth.