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The Qemira Naturals Photo Competition is a new campaign created to engage our audience in promoting the beauty of natural hair and natural self-care lifestyles. We want to showcase the people in our communities who champion natural self-care. Winners’ photos are posted on our homepage for a period of three months, and we create a page featuring their profiles to learn more about them. 

Today, African-American women and men are embracing the splendor of their natural hair. Men proudly exhibit their healthy, well-groomed beards, and African-American women, men and children care for their skin with the best, most wholesome natural products. We want to showcase these Naturals advocates, their lives, their work, their passions and how they impact the lives of others.

Each one of us plays a role in inspiring others in some way. There are no small measures when it comes to setting positive examples that empower others. Leadership starts with the simplest of actions and we see leaders who proudly represent the natural hair movement in corporate boardrooms, in colleges and universities, in government offices, in courtrooms, and well beyond. For example, we feature the Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Natasha Gaspard, CEO of Mane Moves Media, Inc. whose visionary filmmaking has put the spotlight on the empowering nature of natural hair. Let us celebrate Naturals leadership by learning about our Qemira Naturals Photo Competition winners and how they break barriers, innovate, inspire and empower.

We also emphasize that in embracing natural self-care, African-Americans have, and continue to play an important role in fighting climate change by making sustainable choices in the products they purchase and use. The exponential increase in sales of natural, organic and vegan products for Black hair and skin care is evidence of the increasingly important role that environmentally-conscious African-American artisans, entrepreneurs and consumers play in fighting climate change and preserving our environment for future generations.

Let us celebrate the commitment of our winners to natural and sustainable lifestyles. Tell us your story by clicking on Upload Image to inspire and empower others.